LT Podcast 1- Why Live True?

by | Sep 23, 2015

David and Caron recording their podcacstToday’s brand new, inaugural “Live True Podcast” is on “Why Live True?”  It’s a conversation around:

  • Why we’ve chosen the name “Live True” and what it means for your life and ours
  • What has transpired in David & Caron Loveless’ life and story?
  • What David & Caron do with “Live True

1. We publish free weekly, practical, gut honest blogs.  We’re passionate to

pass on all the secrets we’re learning to radically improve the way you see and experience your life, relationships, and leadership.

2.  We speak at small events like team training sessions and retreats; as well as large events like Conferences and Worship Services.  We’re eager to pass on to you and your people, practical, insightful, and transformational teaching that flows from decades of successful life and leadership as well as our own hard fought battles.

3.  We weekly coach individuals, leaders, and couples as well as assess and consult with business and ministry teams.

Why we’re passionate about this new podcast

As Spiritual leaders and teachers, we want to use this weekly Live True Podcast to help you break through barriers that hinder your living, loving & leading from the core of your True Identity.

Each episode will be a dynamic conversation around proven and practical spiritual secrets that can revolutionize the way you see yourself, love and relate to others, and do your work with more fruitfulness & fulfillment.

We can promise you refreshing candor as we talk about what we’ve learned through our own successes and failures in relationships, family, leadership, and the spiritual journey.

We’ll also offer interviews and insights from some of the world’s best spiritual leaders, psychologists, and wisdom teachers.

What we’re all looking for:

  • Lasting fulfillment in our interior & exterior world
  • Breakthrough obstructions that hinder such fulfillment
  • Clear pathway in living, loving, and leading

What we’ve seen as the problems that often prevent us from experiencing what we’re looking for:

The obvious problems: Continued cycles of stress, frustration, un-fulfillment, and unhappiness

The not so obvious problems:

I’m not enough


“I don’t have enough


I haven’t done enough

We want to act as fellow guides in your journey who understand your fears.  We know what it’s like to experience awesome joy and fulfillment but we also know stress, frustration and failure in living, loving, and leading.

We want to share with you the proven and practical things. that have led to enormous breakthroughs that are transforming every area of our lives and many others that we’ve been helping.

In each podcast we want to give a raw, honest conversation around what matters most to you and then tell you about the path that has created breakthroughs for us in that particular area.

We believe that it will result in your experiencing:

  • Greater Lasting fulfillment in your life
  • Breakthrough obstructions in your life
  • More Clearer pathway or plan for your life
  • Greater, Satisfying relationships
  • A More integrated life
  • Fresh vitality
  • A More rested soul
  • Renewed joy and purpose

Resources mentioned in today’s podcast

“An Open Letter To My Wife, To God, & To You.”

Join the Conversation

Our favorite part of doing these podcasts is participating in the conversation they provoke. Each week, we’ll ask one question. This week, it is this:

Question: “Where are you stuck these days and needing encouragement?”

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