10 Traits of Healthy Leadership

While there are no perfect leaders, here are ten qualities we see time and again in leaders of healthy teams, businesses, and churches. 1) They Invite Feedback Healthy leaders are able to welcome observation and feedback from those they lead without feeling personally...

The Gutsiest Blog I’ve Ever Written About The Scariest Thing We’ve Ever Done

What I’m about to share with you is deeply personal. This is the first time I’ve shared it publicly. And I’m a little anxious because once it’s out there, it’s out there. But I’m motivated. I believe what could come from it is...

LTP 18- Our #1 Go-To Tool For Personal Transformation

In this podcast Episode, David & Caron Loveless discuss how to use a specific tool that can bring personal clarity and see quantum internal shifts that give you the ability to dramatically improve your emotional, spiritual, professional and relational life. ...

Nothing to Prove: Chapter 2: What We Know Now

The following is an excerpt from our new ebook that is available beginning today.  This book is a a very candid, behind the scenes look, at the journey of transformation that we’ve been on the last several years, and the things we’ve learned that can help...

Why I Love Podcasts

Probably my favorite way of learning these days is through podcasts.  My playlist runs the gamut of spiritual teachers, adventurers, business leaders, recovering leaders and entrepreneurs. Each of the podcasts I listen to have a unique style and a great way of:  *...

47 Quotes That Will Change Your Life

True confession: I’m a quote hoarder. I underline, dog-ear, highlight, copy and paste other people’s wisdom several times a day. I keep 3×5 cards in my purse and scribble quotes in the dark at the movies. I say, “Ooooh that’s a good one.”  A lot. And I’ve...

Finding Your Silver Bullet VS Rock, Paper, Scissors

Seems like I’ve spent 73 lifetimes  looking for ‘the silver bullet.’  Ever done that?  Thinking there was 1 primary secret to:  personal growth, relationships, money, business; fitness, ministry, or God? In recent years… it’s felt like all my accumulated...








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