Episode 67- How To Forgive Yourself For Past Failures

In this podcast Episode, David & Caron Loveless discuss how to forgive yourself when you’ve done something that has been destructive to yourself or to others. Maybe you’re wondering: “Is it even necessary to forgive yourself… especially if you think that God and...

How To Practice The Ultimate Prayer Of Confession

Recently we got re-acquainted with what we consider to be the ultimate prayer of confession. In the past several weeks, we’ve written a series of articles on forgiveness. So we wanted to give you a powerful prayer that speaks to forgiving yourself, forgiving others,...

Where Are David & Caron Teaching These Days?

People regularly ask if we are teaching anywhere these days.  The answer is: “Yes.” We teach through our ministry: Live True  headquartered @youlivetrue.com. We write weekly blogs, produce a weekly podcast- The Live True Podcast, and we have written a new book Nothing...

Live True Update & Need Your Help

Dear Friends & Faithful Subscribers- This month marks our FIRST YEAR in the blogosphere and we have YOU to THANK for hanging in there with us through all manner of bloopers, bugs, glitches, tweaks & typos. As we expected, launching an online platform is not...

What’s Wrong With Living Strong?

Maybe, it was the steady diet of Superman, the Lone Ranger and Mission Impossible I devoured as kid.  It could have been a certain way I viewed the men in my town, my church or my family.  Or, it might have been a string of early successes and the great feelings of...

Pardon my dust

It only seems appropriate that while we are still building & cleaning up this new website, that I would ask you to ‘pardon my dust.’ I was minding my own business the other day… actually working on this business… when a song popped into...








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