Episode 72- How The Power of Honor Can Boost A Relationship

by | May 6, 2019

Have you struggled this past year with a relationship that needed a boost?

One of the primary things that prevent any relationship from getting a boost is the picture you have in your head of how it is supposed to be.

We all want relationships that are happy and healthy… where everyone is getting along… where meaningful conversations regularly happen… where everyone is fully present with the other and listens compassionately.

But what gets in the way of that happening is when we determine if we should convey worth upon a person, we’re in a relationship with, based upon their performance for us. Have they done it really well… or poorly?

What changes a relationship is when we honor a person, not for their performance but for the position God has placed them in our lives. This becomes especially significant when it comes to the relationship we’ve had with a mother or father.

Honor has the power to change a person’s heart

because it affirms to them the divine worth God places on every human being. 

Listen to this podcast, as we talk about two very broken relationships, with two very broken mothers, that Caron had, and how those relationships significantly changed, because of the power of honor.

Here’s what’s happening in this episode:

  • The acknowledgment of the very often… very messy relationships in our lives
  • The spiritual practice of honoring a mother, who didn’t deserve it
  • The transformation that can happen in both the recipient and the giver of honor
  • The power of letting go

We’re sure you’re going to love this episode that is inspirational, vulnerable, instructional, as well as downright fun.

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