Episode 73- How To Reduce Overwhelm For Weary Leaders

by | May 29, 2019

Are you interested in moving from relentless weariness to a more rested soul?

One of the things we’ve noticed about almost all leaders that we work with is that the constant demands of life, leadership, and relationships, that causes them to lose their joy in what they feel so passionate about.

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Today’s podcast episode is for those that find themselves weary, tired, and possibly burnt out on religion… especially the leadership of it. Spiritual leaders have heard biblical promises concerning how to live, love, and lead with a healthy soul, but few find a sustainable experience of it.

But we’ve discovered that a sustainable experience of rest and recovery is very possible. Through much trial… and much error… and with a few new biblical insights, we’ve established a specific practice that has brought significant recovery, each week of our life.

Listen as we describe a practice that can be easily learned and intentionally implemented. We’ll tell you how to live a new way, that will be a new level of ease and lightness for your life and all its endeavors.

Here’s what’s happening in this episode:

  • What church leadership world should learn from the sports leadership world (that God already knew)
  • Why Jesus told his followers about an extremely enticing offer He was making them
  • Why part of the grace of Eden is the pace of Eden
  • How to trust God, not only for the grace of your life but also, the pace of your life

And much more…

We’re sure you’re going to find great encouragement, grins, and hope in this episode.

One of the resources we mentioned in this podcast was the book, we highly recommend- “The Body Keeps The Score.”

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