How To Know When To Stop Praying

by | Aug 4, 2020

We’ve been in a few prayer sessions, you probably have too, where someone breaks into a rant about something standing in the way of God’s plan. It’s usually a person, circumstance, or the evil one they’re sure is preventing our group from doing great things for God.

Maybe you’re in a situation right now that feels like all hell’s broken loose against you.

But, sometimes, we beg God to change a situation

that’s been allowed in our lives to change us.

For sure, our ego/self-will is having none of that.  Its main job in life is to help us fight and defend.  It has no discernment.  So when things go sideways it helps us make up stories that we’re being “spiritually attacked.” We even use combat terms like “prayer warrior.”

What if, instead of fighting against what’s happening in your life God is actually inviting you to surrender to it?

And what if, by surrendering, you could gain more ground in your spiritual growth than any amount of praying against something ever could?

Even in the fight of his life, Jesus didn’t go to battle against his circumstances.

“My Father, if there is no other way than this, drinking this cup down to the dregs (sediment or grounds at bottom of cup), I’m ready. Do it your way.” Matthew 26

He surrendered to them. Given the same situation he had, we’d probably grab for a sword and start swinging.

Your self-will is always up for a fight. It’ll even help you put a spiritual spin on it and make it sound righteous.

And there IS a time to fight for important things.

But a clue your prayer could be off is…

  • if it’s defending your position, your stake of the pie…
  • if it comes from fear of losing ground…
  • if it comes from fear of loss of possession or reputation…
  • if it comes from a fear of loss of control. (this is a big one)

These days, we think, we’re being invited to trust that no good thing will be withheld from a fully surrendered soul.  And we rest in that. Not easy. But, there’s much less striving, which leads to much more peace.

And peace is always a sign God is present.

What’s one thing you’ve been fighting against that might actually be an invitation from God to surrender?








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