LT Podast 6- Why You Must Know Your Ego

by | Oct 28, 2015

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Here is a brief summary of today’s episode of “The Live True Podcast.”  You can use this as a reference or reminder of key things you feel like you need to pay attention to or pass on to others, in the next 7 days of your life.IMG_6883What exactly is the Ego? 

We used to think when someone’s ego was showing that person was pretty much just full of himself, bigger than life, sucking all the air out a room to keep himself pumped up and sure of himself.

But, we’re discovering that’s only the tip of iceberg , a kind of the caricature version of the ego –there’s so much more

 EGOEdging God Out

The Bible uses various names for it: Flesh, Old Nature, Self

We often refer to it as: our compulsive identity; our false self

Our Ego is there when we think we need someone to go to bat for us. It will always, always, no matter what it takes, get our own way for us —-except in that rare occasion when you getting your own way makes my life even better for us.

Self centered , self focused, self protective, selfish 

Our Ego is a tough taskmaster that cracks the whip when we’re not achieving enough, not perfect enough, not keeping our life up and to the right…not looking good enough.

Our Ego will get aggressive if the situation calls for it. And our ego will find a way to win.

Our Ego often begs to differ when someone gives us a genuine compliment or it can exaggerate when someone gives us a put down.

Our Ego has this sneaky way of blindfolding us to our blind spots. At times it nearly falls over itself to keep us hidden from our less desirable qualities that are actually wrecking havoc in some of our closest relationships.

Our Ego keeps our dark-side camouflaged from us– it never fails to keep us polished and shining like the ideal woman,man/  wife,husband,  mother / father / daughter/ son or friend you think I am twenty-four seven.

Our Ego is usually the Defensive Player of the Year. It takes the blame off us and finds somewhere else more suitable to put it.


*** Listen to us describe what it means to live in awareness of this each day and how liberating it can be.

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Question: “When are you most aware of your ego in operation?”

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