LTP 30- How To Find The Work You Love with Dan Miller

by | Jun 21, 2016

In this podcast Episode, David Loveless interviews Dan Miller, the New York Times Bestselling author of: “48 Days To The Work You Love.” They talk in-depth about how to become who God designed you to be.

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Dan Miller is President of 48 Days that specializes in creative thinking for increased personal and business success. He believes that meaningful work blends our natural skills and abilities, our unique personality traits and our dreams and passions.

Dan is active in helping individuals redirect careers, evaluate new income sources, and achieve balanced living. He believes that a clear sense of direction can help us become all that God designed us to be.

Dan is also the author of the New York Times best-selling 48 Days To The Work You LoveNo More Dreaded Mondays and Wisdom Meets Passion. He has been a guest on CBS’ ‘The Early Show,’ MSNBC’s ‘Hardball with Chris Mathews,’ Moody MidDay Connection, and the Dave Ramsey Show.  

His 48 Days Podcast consistently ranks in the top 3 under Careers on iTunes, and the business community is viewed as an example around the world for those seeking to find – or create – work they love.

IMG_9847Listen as Dan talks about:

  • How to find the work you love
  • What he’s learned from loss and failures
  • How to live and lead with a healthy rhythm in your life
  • What he’s discovered about the 3 different kinds of people we all need in our lives
  • The value he’s gained from having coaches, of various types,  in his life

To find out more, listen to this podcast in its entirety by clicking on the play button.

Further Resources by Dan:

48 Days To The Work You Love. Click HERE to buy

No More Dreaded Mondays. Click HERE to buy

Wisdom Meets Passion. Click HERE to buy

Dan’s website:

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