LTP Episode 42: One Up. One Down Relationships & Healthy Self-Esteem

by | Jan 12, 2017

There is a ‘power dance’ that happens in most relationships: within a marriage, family, church, and at work.

In this podcast episode, we talk about how to claim your own sacred sense of worth in every relationship, and on every occasion.

The ‘power dance’ that we often do in family life, friendships, or with co-workers, usually involves one party being in a one-up or a one-down position.

Those of us in the one-down position often suffer from internal shame… that says: “I’m not enough.”

Those of us in the one-up position often suffer from grandiosity… that says: “I’m better than you.

IMG_2607And some of us, flip back and forth between the two, covering our not enoughness with grandiose comments and behaviors.

Click the PLAY button and listen to this podcast, to find out even more about what Jesus had to say about such relationships and how He connects it to the kind of self-worth that is essential for us all… if we are to live, love and lead from a healthy soul.

***And if you want to make more progress in letting go of superior or inferior thinking, we get the journey from both sides and we’re here to help.








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