Nothing to prove

This is the gut-wrenching story of our own personal leadership and relational crisis. In it, we share how we failed and what it took to overcome and our drive to prove, promote, and protect ourselves and the work we gave our lives for.

I do not believe I have read a more profoundly important book in the last 20 years. Nothing To Prove is a masterpiece! The crushing of David and Caron Loveless’ lives produced a brilliant diamond that should be viewed and treasured. I am not exaggerating! Read it and see. Please.

Clark Whitten

Pastor of Grace Church, Author of "Pure Grace"

What You Can Gain From This Book

  • Understand why your constant attempts to
    modify your life or behavior doesn’t work
  • Identify the three primary identity questions
    we often fail to answer
  • Learn to pinpoint specific internal drivers
    that create your compulsive identity
  • Experience a completely different level of
    God’s love, provision, and purpose for you
  • Discern why some relationships keep
    irritating you
  • Discover how the very thing you’ve been
    searching for is something you already have
  • Learn new rhythms & practices that can increase happiness, love, and peace to your life
  • Significantly reduce feeling stressed, stuck
    or stale in any area
  • Start experiencing the ultimate life God
    made you to live

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