Podcast Episode 44- Making Sense Of Your Spiritual Path

by | Feb 15, 2017

David Loveless & Caron Loveless share today a very simple pattern that can help YOU immediately pinpoint where you are on your spiritual path.  It can also help you understand what’s up in from of your life journey.  This pattern can also help YOU find meaning in it all.

Today’s Live True Podcast is going to further unpack a blog that we’ve written called: When Is It Going To Get Easier?” 

We’re guessing that your life this week has some mixture of really easy circumstances AND some really challenging ones.  ‘Easy’is what we all ‘order’ every day, yet when our ‘order’ is delivered, it’s often not what we wanted!


If you’ve ever felt the disorientation and pain of life not always working out the way you had wished, we get it!

That’s why we are so passionate to share with you this episode of The Live True Podcast.  As you listen to it, we are going to unpack 3 simple ways that can help you understand and respond to the spiritual path you’re on.

If you want to also read the blog: “When Is It Going to Get Easier?” then click on the link to it.

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