Seeing The Possible In The Impossible

by | Jun 2, 2015

Here are three questions I’ve asked myself a lot, over the years. See if you relate: 

  • Do I have ‘enough’ to successfully live the life I think is possible?
  • Do I have ‘enough’ to successfully love, the most significant people in my life?
  • Do I have ‘enough’ to successfully lead, the business or ministry initiatives I think might be possible?”

As I asked myself these questions many times I answered, “No. Not enough.  Depending on the situation, it seemed  I didn’t have enough energy… time… finances…compassion…wisdom… understanding… talent… opportunities, power, you name it.

Some part of a plan or dream I was working on

seemed impossible. 

And that’s when I started learning:

To do the impossible,

we must access the invisible.

It seems most of our impossible situations involve either :  


Where most of the emphasis seems to be on things like:

* Doing more for our significant others

* Getting the communication right

*  Working more on being selfless

* ETC.



Where most of the emphasis seems to be on:

* Making things happen

* Getting the right things done right

* Developing strategic plans

* Building great teams

* Taking the next hill

* Having enough money


When we’re challenged in relational loving or responsible leading,

we initially see the impossible. 

But we are designed to look into the invisible.

1.  Face the impossible but don’t focus on it

Back in the ’70’s I was a member of the USF Sky Diving Club.  I remember the first time I jumped, out of an airplane.  (Even now as I write this, this doesn’t sound like such a smart thing to do.)

I had been given the following instructions: 1st-  jump when you are told; 2nd- count to 10 and pull the ripcord; 3rd- in the unlikely event that it doesn’t open, pull the reserve chute open; and 4th- when you hit the ground, a truck will take you back to the jump center.

So jump day came and after the plane ascended to the proper height, I jumped when I was told. I counted to 10 and pulled the cord, but the chute failed to open. I then proceeded to the backup plan. The reserve chute also failed to open & at that point I said. “Oh boy, When I hit the ground, I bet the truck won’t be there either.”  

 Yes. I really did skydive and thankfully the chute actually opened.

But, sometimes, when we think a situation looks totally impossible it’s because we’ve limited our focus to us, our circumstances or the other people involved.  

Jesus knew we would do this and He taught us a better way, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” ( Matthew 19) 

 Right now, what is your “this is impossible?” 

2.  Focus on the invisible so you can do what seems impossible

Often our default ‘fixation’ is on what we can actually see… what looks problematic.. .what looks limiting… the problems are plain as day.  God seems to want us  to ‘fix’ our focus on the True solution.   His unseen provision of abundant resources.

Some years ago we took our kids to the Shark Encounter at Sea World.  We were led into a dark, circular room, where a guy stood lecturing on interesting shark facts, the most memorable being that (apparently someone has counted) there are more sharks than there are people on the planet.  He told us sharks are everywhere.

And just as I started to think, Ok buddy, let’s get a move on. We came to see sharks not to talk about them, someone hit a button and all the panels raised to reveal we were actually standing smack in the middle of a humungous shark tank, with giant sharks swimming all around us

They had been around us the entire time and we didn’t realize it.  

That day marked me.  I’ve never forgotten it.  I sensed God saying: “David, this is a picture of Me and all My Resources that constantly surround you in true spiritual reality. Remember, there is always more here than what you can see.” 

2 Corinthians 4:18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.   

I was sitting on my back porch early this morning, looking up at the trees, sky, and the sun thinking  how most of what we really need, we can’t see.  I couldn’t see the massive amounts of oxygen the trees and plants were producing for me.  I couldn’t see the powerful energy the sun was giving to the earth and to my body.  Yet, I was totally benefiting from their affects.

God has surrounded you with enormous spiritual resources like energy… love peace…joy…strength…hope…power, freedom, wisdom, grace, relationship…blessing… and favor.  These and more are flowing all around you for the taking right now.

 Once you see the invisible you can do the impossible.

3.  Love and lead by faith until you see the possible emerge

For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

2Corinthians 5:7

      *  WALK: make your way toward what needs to happen; use whatever opportunity is presenting itself to you right now. Choose the one that gives you the most peace. I’ve found as I continue to walk in the direction I’ve been led to go, something good will always happen. It may not be all I need to accomplish this thing, but it’s enough to go on for now.  

      * WAIT:  know there is probably going to be lag time between the time something is impossible to when it becomes possible.  During that lag, continue to fix, to focus the eyes of your heart on the invisible realm of life where the greatest, truest change happens… and keep walking in full trust that you always have ALL you really need in this moment.

What impossible situation are you currently facing? 

 Where is your focus?

If it remains on you, others, or your circumstances it will always look impossible.

What unseen resources are you counting on? 

*  Do you need to keep walking until the next good thing happens?

* Or do you need to wait in faith, with trust filled patience, knowing that you’re just simply in the lag time between what is and what surely will be?

To do the impossible,

we must access the invisible.

 And sometimes we need a little help learning  to view our life situations with as much confidence as God does.  That’s why we’re here. 

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